Core Value

The Govt. Larang Sai Pg College Ramanujganj communityis committed to following a set of enduring five Core Values. These values arefocused on the sustainable development of the institution and serve as a guidethrough changing times and shape our Mission, Vision, and Goals.

I.                  Contribution to national development: It is the first core value of our organization that wehelp in the development of our nation. For which we have prescribed some of ourduties which are as follows -

1.    Increasing production byequipping men and women with the latest knowledge of science and technology.

2.    Development of Talents and Virtues

3.    Development of Human Resources

4.    Development of Individual Personality

5.    Promotion of Social and National Integration

6.    In Respect of Modernization

7.    Developing Democratic Values

8.    Establishing a Socialistic Pattern of Society

9.    Developing Secular Outlook

10.           Promotion of International Understanding

11.           Synthesizing Cultural and Scientific Values


II.                Fostering global competencies among students: Another important core value of our institution is thepromotion of global competencies among students for which we following dutiesare:

1.    Incorporating Global Thinking into OurClassroom

2.    Consider Inter- and Intra-Personal Skills

3.    Using Classroom Assessment Techniques

4.    Providing feedback to students so that they cancontinue to develop their global potential

5.    Using a variety of tools to collect both directevidence (eg assignments, observations) and indirect evidence (eg self-reports,interviews, focus groups) of students' global competence development

6.    Global and Intercultural Competence Developmentof Students


III.             INCULCATING A VALUE SYSTEM AMONGSTUDENTS: Anotherimportant core value of our institution is the inculcating a value system among students for which wefollowing duties are:

1. Educating tobe Accountable

2. Helpingstudents to be role models

3. Guidance onBasic Ethics and Values

4. Gratitudeand Appreciation

5. IntegratingValues during Study

6. Integratingvalues in extra-curricular activities.

7. BuildupValues- Consciousness through Narratives

8. Teaching byintegrating values into sports


IV.             PROMOTINGTHE USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Another important core value of ourinstitution is the promoting the use of technology among students for which we following duties are:

1. Slideshow Presentation with Multimedia

2. Using Podcasts

3. Taking our students on a virtual tour

4. Keeping Our Class Schedule Online

5. Using Virtual Manipulators

6. Using Videos for Teaching

7. Use of Social Media

8. Taking Video Feedback, Quizzes, and Surveys


V.               QUEST FOREXCELLENCE: Another important core value of ourinstitution is the quest for excellence among students for which we are doing different competitionwithin the students.