Red Cross



Convener –DR. R.B. SONWANI

 The Youth Red Cross aims to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times, allforms of humanitarian activities so that human suffering can be minimized,alleviated and even prevented, thus contribute to creating a more congenialclimate for peace. Youth Red Cross unit members are the builders of the Nationwho take part in bringing the very motto of Red Cross, that is, “ SERVICE TOSOCIETY”


Principles : Youth Red Cross has the following three principles –

·      Protectionof Health and life.

·      Serviceto the Sick and Suffering.

·      Promotionof National and International friendship, to develop the mental and moralcapacities of the Youth.


Activities :

·      HealthAwareness Programme.

·      Rallyto Vote.

·      HIV/AIDSAwareness Programme.

·      FirstAid and fire Safety Training.

·      RoadSafety Rally.

·      Dengueand Malaria Awareness Programme.

·      Plasticawareness Programme.

·      ConductedMedical Camp, General Medical Checkup forthe benefit of Students.

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